Community Radio (ORS)
Orkonerei Mass Media is a Pastoralists Maasai Media house. The project is specifically deals with media and Community broadcasting issues in Maasai community on development issue, Cultural events, local business advertisements. it has various programs to facilitate community needs and requirements through media.

This project has three section concentrating on media and Community Broadcasting to empower, educates and organizing Communities of Social, entrepreneurship and environmental aspects. these sections are as follows:-
1. TV/ Video progam This sub-program makes sure that social events, culture and local business and ventures are documented for educational purposes and for future Maasai / Tanzanian generations.
2. Community Radio Station Maasai community now have their local radio station service that cater for heir specific development needs, as well as for their cultural advancement and local economic development through social entrepreneurship. ORS (Orkonerei Radio Service) broadcast part -time in Maasai languages that enable it to reach larger section of the Maasai people in the northern Tanzania.
3. Community Internet connectivity and Community library in Terrat, Orkesumet and Loongiito Villages this department enable the Maasai youth and Adults to with the world around them and engage in learning and exposure to the world of globalization right there in their own set-up.
This Company receives its incomes through social investors, local income generation through its advertisements and selling of its air-time.