IOPA Background

Orkonerei Maasai Social Initiative is an Indigenous Peoples (Pastoralists) Organization based in Arusha, Manyara and Kilimanjaro regions in Northern Tanzania. OMASI operates within the Pastoral lands of northern regions of Tanzania (Arusha, Kilimanjaro and Manyara) as an Hybrid Social Organization with both social programming and social business programmes and activities that was established in December 1991 and legally registered with the government of Tanzania in February 1993 with the ministry of Home Affairs of the United Republic Tanzania and Re-registered in 2004 with the registrar of companies (cap; 212) as a Company limited by Guarantees. IOPA is a membership Pastoralists Organization/society with over one thousand and eighty members (1084) pastoral men and Women and working with about 126 self-help community groups, which are affiliated and identified themselves with OMASI. It was purposely established to promote and advance the existence of dry land pastoralism as well as enhancement of the Maasai pastoralist culture, identity and dignity as well as a right to self-determination for the Maasai Indigenous Peoples. OMASI main Goal was established originally and purposely to facilitate, direct, shape and promote the social and economic transformation of Pastoral peoples from subsistence economy to a long-term sustainable economy in accordance to new directions and alternatives in the 21st Century. The purpose of the OMASI is to facilitate and brings about positive Social, Economic and cultural transformation of Maasai people (pastoralist) from a present weak and undesirable situation to a bright, sustainable and long lasting advanced future in the 21st Century of the new millennium.

Core Values

Social-Political & Economic (Unleash/Unlock the economic strategic potentials of the Maasai people in livestock and Natural Resources) empowerment of the Maasai Communities. Social entrepreneurship & Innovations. Environmental Conservancy.


Building and improving the standards of living of pastoral Maasai communities of Northern Tanzania through social and Economic Advancement through Social business, Social entrepreneurship & innovations by facilitating, Mobilizing and organizing communities as well as providing Education and training through Community Broadcasting on Livestock development, Natural Resource Management and Environmental Conservancy that entails preservance of Community Rights.


Improved, Quality and advanced living standards of Pastoral Community both Social-Politically, Economically and culturally in the 21st Century of the new millennium.