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Welcome to Orkonerei Maasai Social Initiative

Improved and managed cattle

ORMOTI Ranch Project is creating a better environment for the Maasai peasants, their Livestock and the native wildlife in the ORMOTI RANCH PROJECT area. The philosophy is that wildlife and the livestock of Maasai can continue to live together if the land they are using is managed properly. The project is intending to be a vivid example on the following:-
  • Land Managment
  • Diseases control
  • Improving the climate and bio-diversity by forestry management (tree planting and pruning)
  • Water management

Powering Community

Energ and water project is a community project that dealing with the production of water and Electricity using Bio-fuel - Jatropha generators as energy in rural village of Terrat, and so far the project has connected electricity to over 100 private homes, 3 schools 3 churches and Mosques, Milk processing Plants and the Community Radio Station in Terrat village in Simanjiro district. Currently the project managed to drilled 15 boreholes and provides water to 9 villages for livestock and domestic uses on costs.

Community Radio
Maasai Media house

1. TV / Video progam Documentation for educational purposes and for future Maasai / Tanzanian generations.
2. Community Radio Station Orkonerei Radio Service (ORS) broadcast part-time in Maasai languages that enable it to reach larger section of the Maasai people in the northern Tanzania.
3. Community Internet connectivity and Community library To enable the Maasai youth and Adults to engage in learning and exposure to the world of globalization right there in their own set-up.

Media & Video